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Saturday, 21 January 2017 21:15

What Rejuvenates Skin?

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The beauty market these days offers endless products claiming to achieve rejuvenation wonders. Pretty bottles from well-known brands scream out about an amazing effect for skin if used on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many consumers fall into this trap set up by marketing specialists for a simple reason of being unaware of the basic anatomy of skin.

The truth is that skin ageing happens on cellular level deep in the dermis. The maximum that any cream (with the exception, perhaps, Obagi, but it is a subject for a separate post) can achieve is moisturising, cleansing or protecting of the top part of the very superficial layer of epidermis. To get down to the dermis and give a boost to the cells, called fibroblasts, one needs to have either an invasive treatment (dermal fillers, mesotherapy, dermal roller, etc) or any other treatment that would give a boost to the cells down there, such as non-invasive facelift, also known as LPG Liftmassage, that mechanically stimulates the deeper layers of the skin tissue.

And although the effect is visible after one session, a course of 10 sessions will give longer-term results. It is like going to the gym - the effect is there after one visit, but to get your muscles toned nicely, a few work-outs will be necessary, as our tissue has "memory" the same way our muscles have "muscle memory".

The treatment is only £65 per session and 10 sessions are available at the price of 9! Book one online today or drop us an email if you want to chat before booking your appointment.

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