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Natural Peels

Holy Land Skin Peels, Body Silk Clinic, London

HL Labs (Holy Land Laboratories) are finally in London!

Best of science and nature, result oriented formulas that provide corrective solution for the treatment of all skin types and conditions with long lasting and visible results right after your first treatment.

HL professional facial treatments contain a blend of natural fruit peels that can treat all skin types and colours. The peels create an optimal level of skin rejuvenation, deep healing and cleansing. They remove the signs of inflammation, your skin will be resurfaced without trauma and the epidermis will easily shed dead skin cells resulting in brighter, more beautiful skin with increased elasticity and vitality.

HL facial treatments can address the following concerns:

· Acne, post acne spots and scarring

· Ageing skin, wrinkles and sagging

· Hyperpigmentation

· Eczema

· Rosacea

Before our skin experts can get down to fixing the actual skin concern that you came to us with, they will make sure that your skin is prepared. What does it mean? It means that before we allow any active ingredients inside your skin, we will have to make some preparations to shed a few layers of dead cells off the epidermis. This is essential to make sure that your skin will not respond to the actual treatment with unwanted pigmentation. We recommend to start with an introductory facial treatment that will include a natural peel that will be tailored to your skin requirements.

During this initial stage, one of our advanced therapists will assess your skin and will recommend a treatment plan to help you achieve the skin you want.

A range of the HL facial treatments that we offer includes the following types of natural peels:

HL Advanced Facial with natural peel

HL Acne Solution Treatment

HL Brightening Treatment

HL Age Control Treatment

HL Rosacea Treatment 

HL De-stress Treatment

HL Mum To Be Treatment

Our Exclusive HL Program consists of 5 treatment sessions. This is a recipe developed by HL Labs towards healthier and younger looking skin. The first stage of the program is called 'Preparation' and includes 3 facial treatments with a blend of natural peels. The sessions will be spaced in 2-6 weeks between them. The next stage will be a stimulation and will include a premium peel. The final stage of your treatment plan will be a skin rehabilitation that will include a de-stress treatment to finish off your whole program.

If this is your first time when you are reading about this unique skin peel approach, we recommend to start with the introductory session of the advanced facial treatment combined with a natural skin fruit peel. Please, get in touch with our skin experts if you would like to ask a few more questions before you start. The treatments are available at our clinic near Liverpool Street and Bank in Central London.

Other skin peels are available outside of the Holy Land range. To find out more, please have a look at our Glycolic Peels and Obagi Blue Peel Radiance Peel to get a better understanding about the difference between them.

Please, remember that with each £ spent with us, you collect loyalty points towards free treatments with Body Silk.

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