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Endermologie Post Liposuction In London

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Some patients get referred to us by their surgeon before and after a liposuction surgery. This is a special type of Endermologie treatment, and we will need a referral letter from your surgeon.

Post-liposuction rehabilitation and Liposuction Preparation therapies by Endermologie are very beneficial for the patients a few days before and right after the surgery.

The Preparation therapy by Endermologie will ease the fat tissue prior the surgical removal of the fat tissue and increase the blood circulation. The treatment will soften the connective tissue as well as help detox the body through getting rid of the excessive fluid resulting in a more successful outcome from the surgery.

Endermologie Post-Liposuction therapy helps drain the lymphatic fluid that your body retains post surgery as well as smooth bumps and lumps that are inevitable part of the post lipo surgery effects. Other benefits from the Endermologie Post-Lipo Surgery program include faster healing through delivering more oxygen to the healing tissues after liposuction. We will need to see you for a consultation to make sure that you are suitable for the treatment. Your surgeon will ususally recommend how many sessions are needed, but as a guideline, you are likely to have between 5-7 pre liposuction sessions and between 10-16 sessions after your post-lipo procedure.

Post lipo program by Endermologie involves a special technique, so all our Endermologie specialists have undergone a separate training to be able to perform this treatment, so you can rest assuared that you are in good hands.

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