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Own A Franchise - The Best Way To Start Your Own Business Or Revamp Existing Business In Beauty!

Buy A Franchise
The Best Franchise In Beauty

Are you a beauty or aesthetic professional or someone with a passion about beauty and aesthetics who wants to start your own practice but has a lack of business knowledge and a very limited budget? Or, perhaps, you have your own business already, but would like to take it to the next level, so that when you finally decide to book a holiday, you would not have to worry about losing on sales or customers or unreliable employees who may potentially damage or slow down your business while you are away? Or, worse, you have been in a situation where you stuck at home with a cold and discovered that your employees let you down while you were away? Have you ever felt that your business has become a burden, a headache that requires your presence all the time? If you fit any or all of the above descriptions, this piece of information is for you.

What if someone told you that you can become a salon or a clinic owner today without being a finance guru or having a pot of money in the bank? And you can spend more time with your family and on yourself to enjoy other things that you like apart from work?

Replication of a successful business model can make things happen for you quickly towards becoming your own boss and the owner of your very own successful salon or practice!

Usually, any new business idea starts with a business plan. The most important part of any business plan is: a) calculation of how much money you need to launch, and b) how much money you need to cover your ongoing costs and hopefully make a profit. Because everybody knows: once you run out of cash, you run out of business.

The calculation of the launch costs will depend on whether you plan to work from home to save on rent or would rather rent a room or the entire premises. As a guideline, our clinic in Hither Green, cost us under £15,000 to transform it from an open plan former estate agent to a beautiful clinic with two treatment rooms and a nail area at the front. If you decide to convert some space in your house to be a treatment room, it will be, of course, much cheaper.

In case of a usual approach of figuring out the ongoing costs - your breakeven - and projecting when you can start earning money - is a trickier part. Here is the summary of the expenses involved and the advantages of becoming a partner of Body Silk™ through a franchise:

Costs Starting On Your Own, ££ pa Owning Body Silk™ Franchise, ££ pa Comments
Receptionist £21,000 - £25,000 £0  
Telecoms £1,400 - £1,600 £0   
Booking System £600 - £720*  £0 *Add set-up costs of £2,500 - £4,000
 Website, ppc £1,200 - £1,500* £0  * Add set-up and initial optimisation cost of £1500 - £2,500 
 Marketing £1,000 - £2,000   £0  
Business Support  No   Yes  
 Body Silk™ No  Yes  Advantages of an established brand 
Total Amount Required: £25,200 - £30,820  £0   
Your Saving £0  £25,200 - £30,820   

- Receptionist costs will range from £21,000-£25,000 pa. You may think that you may not need one, but it is potentially a recipe for disaster if you are stuck in the treatment room with clients, and your potential clients have to talk to your voicemail, they may go somewhere else. Statistics show that 95% of the first callers will not leave a message asking to call them back, but will book with someone who can handle their enquiry on the spot. If you end up hiring a receptionist, think about the fact that he or she is the first point of contact for your new customers. If your receptionist is not good enough, you may loose on potential sales - your potential clients will not have a chance to see how amazing your services are simply because your receptionist may not follow up the leads or does not do a good job on converting calls to bookings. Add to it the turnover of the reception staff and training time and costs for new hires. It all adds up!

Telephone and internet costs: it does not look professional when you offer a professional service, but offer a mobile number to customers to call you, saving on a landline. The minute telecom companies know that you are a business, not an individual, the price will be different. So, if you decide to run a beauty business on your own, budget between £1400-£1600 pa for your telecoms costs.

- Booking system: if you would like to be a modern beauty place offering a modern service, you have to consider a booking system rather than a paper grid to book your customers in and send them reminders about their appointments. A good system also works well as a handy marketing tool, such as remembering your clients' birthdays and congratulating them on your behalf with a birthday discount for a birthday treat, making a note of any no show appointments to make sure that you are covered for the void slots, keeps track record of the big spenders that you can reward, publishing your clients' reviews on Social Media, and most importantly, linking online booking widget from your website to the bookings in the system. Add to that ability for you and staff that you employ to see any changing in bookings live without the need to co-ordinate with them every single change during the day, such as re-scheduling or cancelling clients' appointments, any notes that you need to communicate to your staff about the incoming customers while your staff is busy and cannot pick up your telephone message: you can just leave a note in the system, and your staff will pick it up as soon as they are out of the treatment room. Very handy indeed, but unfortunately, it comes at a cost: a good professional booking system provider will charge between £2500-£4000 set-up costs followed by a monthly fee of approximately £50-£60 per month. So, budget around £600 pa SMS system costs extra. Being part of Body Silk™ business model, will save you all of these costs.

- Website, SEO optimisation, blog, integration of social media: a professionally looking website that generates a continuing traffic of paying customers is not only a matter of money, but also time. If you are lucky enough to find a good IT consultant who knows and is willing to optimise your website to please Google and other search engines, it will take between 6 months to 1.5 years for your new website to kick off to generate you a flow of customers. SEO services are very expensive, but also difficult (bordering impossible) to find. You may end up paying too much for very little if unlucky to come across consultants who take advantage of clients who are not IT savvy. 95% of new clients find us through Google organic search (even those ones who live just round the corner!). Many inexperienced entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of a well optimised website thinking that their potential customers will always find them through Social Media. Big mistake! Social media in our industry works only if supported with a solid optimised website! Partnering with Body Silk™ will save a lot of your precious time and money not having to invest in the IT side of your business. Our marketing specialists will do it for you on a regular basis as part of your franchise package!

- Marketing support (leaflets, price lists, brochures, posters, existing videos, podcasts to promote your treatments). 

- Ongoing business support.

- Body Silk™ Trade Mark license.

Working under the Body Silk™ umbrella, you will not have to worry about the reception costs, telecom, internet, SEO costs, website, booking system and the quality of handling your telephone and email enquiries - Body Silk™ call centre service and marketing support are already included in your franchise package. The only thing that you will have to focus on is making your clients happy once they come through the door! 

Get in touch today to discuss this amazing business opportunity!

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