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Oil Application Aromatherapy Treatment With dōTERRA Essential Oils

All of us at some point in life encounter factors in our daily life, whether from external or internal environment, that will have a negative effect on our health and general well-being. Directly or indirectly they will slowly create an imbalance of body systems and health, resulting in our body functioning below its optimal levels causing stress, inflammation, toxic overload and autonomic imbalance.

Oil Application treatment by dōTERRA oils can restore your body homeostasis, minimize and even remove the impact of the environmental factors with the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils. 

What Is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade?

Modern market offers a wide range of products with essential oils: from over-the-counter skin care for home use to professional aromatherapy products in salons, they differ in quality and price. However, very few of those products use 100% pure oils. Instead, they may contain artificial substitutes, often fragranted, in order to replace organic but more expensive essential oils. dōTERRA registered the CPTG mark, so that each of its products containing essential oils could be certified by independent testing laboratories showing that dōTERRA's products deliver 100% pure essential oils from botanical extracts. They are so pure that they can be used orally and not only for topical application! This clinical approach addresses the needs of the body as a whole and creates a powerful experience of the healing oils that have been recognized by independent laboratories as the most therapeutic oils in the world. They are completely free from chemicals or any artifitial ingredients.

Why Are dōTERRA's Products Different From Other Essential Oils?

Purity of essential oils is not the only property indicating high quality of the oils. If the plant (or even a part of the plant) for a certain type of essential oils has not been extracted in the right way or it has not grown in the right conditions or harvested in the right way, it can seriously affect the benefit from using the end product. That is why all dōTERRA's oils go through a tight quality control to ensure correct levels of the natural compounds of each oil.

How Does Oil Application Treatment Work?

From the sensual point of view, this unique treatment will create a great sense of relaxation and mind stillness. Although the treatment includes some elements of a massage, it is not a massage treatment but rather a scientific application of certain types of oils depending on your concerns (for instance, hormonal imbalance, arthritis, depression, fertility problems, stress, back pain and even viral infection) in a certain combination and in a specific order. The essential oils by dōTERRA, once applied, will go straight into your bloodstream. Then, due to the purity of dōTERRA's products, their molecular structure allows the active ingredients from the plant extracts penetrate the cells and even fight viruses, which makes the benefit from the oil application session, priceless. Your therapist at Body Silk is professionally trained in carrying out oil application treatments by dōTERRA. Oil application can be given as a single treatment or as a course of 5 or 10 treatments. Treatments are available in our City branch in London (at our Hither Green clinic in south-east London SE13).

Ask a question or book your appointment  now to introduce yourself to natural healing by the purest essential oils available today!

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