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Waxing in Hither Green

Episode 1. Listen to our podcast to see which hair removal method works best for you! Find out about different types of waxing 
and other ways of removal of unwanted hair available!

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a way of hair removal that involves a temporal removal of the hair from the root until it grows back during the next hair cycle.

What Wax Is The Best?

The best wax that we work with includes the top brands available at the market, such as Cirepil wax for strip waxing and Harley Wax for hot waxing. We choose to work with these brands as they require zero downtime and make a waxing treatment as comfortable as a waxing treatment can be. It may be particularly important for sensitive areas, such as bikini wax and waxing for underarms.

What Is The Difference Between Hot And Strip Wax?

Strip wax and hot wax hair removal are the most common ways of waxing. Strip waxing involves the use of strips of paper with applied wax on them to remove hair. This type of wax is generally used to remove hair from bigger areas of the body, such as back, legs, arms, chest and shoulders.

Hot wax hair removal involves application of warm wax directly onto the skin to remove hair. The process takes longer than strip waxing and is often used for sensitive skin on smaller areas of the body, such as upper lip and other parts of the face and bikini.

Is Waxing Painful?

In waxing, a lot depends on how experienced your therapist is. Hot wax is considered to be more comfortable for more sensitive areas, but only a few of our clients choose this type of wax as it is a longer treatment compared with strip waxing. Also, due to highly experienced therapists working in our clinic, most clients feel comfortable enough to prefer strip wax over hot wax to save time as the treatment is much quicker. Having said that, for the most sensitive body areas, such as bikini, face and underarms, it is recommended to choose hot waxing as the skin does not require any down time after the treatment.

How Is Male Waxing Different from Female Waxing?

Male waxing is different from female waxing. Men's hair is coarser and more dense than female hair. Waxing experience depends on each individual, their skin type, ethnicity, but most importantly on who performs the treatment. Our clients can rest assured that our therapists will make their waxing experience as painless as waxing can possibly be. Many of our clients are regular due to painless waxing at Body Silk Clinic.

Male waxing is a very popular treatment. We offer waxing for men for all areas except Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing. Waxing treatments for these areas are offered only to our female clients.

Is it possible to get waxing done during the period?

Our female clients are normally advised to avoid having a wax treatment during period as they may experience more sensitivity during a waxing procedure at this time.

What Are Other Ways of Hair Removal Available?

A lot of our previous waxing clients switched to permanent laser hair removal. For those clients who do not like regular waxing or shaving, permanent laser hair removal is the best way to forget about unwanted hair. Clients who suffer from ingrown hair, would also benefit from switching to laser hair removal treatments.

Please, get in touch to get a laser hair removal quote according to your specific requirements or book an appointment for a laser patch test or your waxing treatment at our clinic in Hither Green in south-east London SE13.

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