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Slimming And Detoxifying Body Wrap

So you've just a week left before you go on holiday, have a wedding or an important event to go to? You failed to take up any of the drop-a-dress-size diets offered by the glossy magazines last month and it's too late for liposuction?


Slimming And Detoxifying Body Wrap, Body Silk Clinic, London

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for your today!
 We are looking at non-surgical, non-invasive yet effective ways
of shaping up your body, getting slimmer and cellulite free. 

Don't despair. It may be  too late for a crash diet and it's unlikely you'll have  time to work out every  waking moment between  now and check-in, but you'll be surprised how much damage limitation you can achieve in just a week. It is more like a good old-fashioned mummification. Specially designed aloe vera contour gel with blend of oils, formulated to assist inch loss, cellulite and lymphatic drainage. It is applied to the entire body. You are then wrapped in the cotton bandages. The solution dislodges toxins trapped in dimply areas and they are flushed out of the body by your lymphatic system.

Afterwards, your skin feels toned, soft and your circumference will have decreased just enough for your jeans to feel a bit looser! Instant inch loss is visible just after one treatment! To prove you that, you will be measured before and after.

It is a great way to detox before and after an indulging holiday or a start of a weight loss regime. It can be effectively combined with a course of Endermologie treatments for stubborn fat, cellulite reduction, slimming, toning and skin tightening.

It can be a bit boring to be staying still and wrapped up for 90 minutes, so we offer clients any facial at half-price during the body wrap treatment.

Treatment time: 90min

A course of 6 sessions is recommended for long lasting results.

Get a great deal on a course of treatments: buy 5 get 1 FREE.

Please, contact our friendly team to get a quote according to your specific requirements or to book an appointment at our Hither Green branch in south-east London SE13.

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