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Thursday, 26 February 2015 13:09

4 Reasons Why You Cannot Skip Facials

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Facial Treatment At Body Silk Clinic, London

If the relaxing experience is the only reason why you get your facials, here is what you should know a good facial can provide for you:

1) First of all, a truly skin cleansing that you cannot achieve with your home products.

2) A softening of your skin and removal of blackheads and whiteheads with manual extraction (if you do it yourself, there is a risk of irritating your skin and having redness for a few days afterwards).

3) Exfoliation is one of the key steps in a healthy skincare regimen. A high quality facial will provide you with a thorough exfoliation treatment. Being the largest organ of our body, our skin builds and sheds millions of cells every day. It is important to regularly slough off the dead skin cells in order for new, healthy cells to grow. The result of the right exfoliation is the improvement of dehydrated skin and restoring skin's natural barrier function.

4) Reduction of wrinkles with professional face massage with a firm but gentle touch. During a facial, the massage sequence that an Aesthetician performs is entirely designed to detoxify the body by increasing circulation to achieve skin rejuvenation. If you are interested in experiencing a good facial in action, Book a Consultation with one of our advanced therapists to discuss your skin requirements towards a bespoke facial especially designed for you.

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