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Semi-Permanent Make-Up - Lips and Eyebrow Tatooing

Semi-Permanent Make-Up Before And After, Body Silk Clinic, London

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Are permanent cosmetics a form of tattooing?

A. Permanent cosmetic enhancement is also known as semi permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation.It is considered to be an advanced form of tattooing. The difference between semi-permanent make-up and tatooing is that the pigment is not infused as deeply into the skin. As a result, the enhancement will not have the permanency of a tattoo. 

The pigments that we use for this treatment, replicate the colour choices available with conventional cosmetics enabling us to achieve subtle translucent results.

Q. Is the procedure safe?

A. We adhere to a code of practice and have certain protocols in place that ensure a safe treatment. 

We work only with hypoallergenic pigments that meet European medical standards. An allergy test is performed before the treatment commences. We use the German technique of Long-Time-Liner Conture.

We also use the highest quality sterile needles, which are disposed of immediately after the treatment is completed.

Q. Will it hurt?

A. We use effective numbing agents to minimise discomfort. The discomfort can be associated with tweezing eyebrows.

Q. How long will my look last?

A. Permanent cosmetic enhancement can last between 2 to 5 years and depends on many variables. Softer neutral enhancements tend to fade faster normally requiring a colour boost every 12 months to maintain their fresh appearance.

Q. What will I look like immediately after my procedure?

A. The colour will appear a darker shade than the desired result for up to 1 week after the treatment and mild redness and swelling may be persist for a few days.

From £120. If you have more questions, contact our friendly team to get a quote according to your specific requirements or to book an appointment.


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