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Hand & Foot Care

In our clinic we offer hand and foot care for men and women.

Nail care treatments for men are aimed at maintenance of healthy skin on hands and feet, including manual and chemical removal of dead skin.

For women, manicure and pedicure treatments are available, including gel nails. If you're looking for some real nail pampering or hand care treats then book an appointment with one of our nail specialists who can advise you on the professional products that are best for your hand and nail home care and are available to buy in the clinic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to get old gel to be removed, please, kindly make sure that you book "Gel Removal" service in addition to your manicure or pedicure slot to allow additional time to avoid disappointment of having to re-schedule your manicure or pedicure due to lack of time allocated.

Hand care and foot care for men

Body Silk offers a range of handcare treatments to help men keep their nails trimmed, short and clean. In addition to this, our nail specialists will help you keep the skin of your hands healthy and well-maintained. This is a good way of keeping personal hygiene and it can stop cases of having fungus growing under the finger nails. The reason why we have fungus and other kinds of parasites in our hands is because we fail to take good care of them.

Men's footcare is also very important, especially for those individuals who go to the gym and wear sports shoes on a regular basis. Our specialists will help you remove the dead skin off your feet and will make sure that your feet are maintained properly to prevent fungus and other unwanted feet conditions. Foot massage is part of the foot care routine during this treatment. It will help you prevent cramps in your feet, reduce stress and increase the blood circulation as many spots responsible for a healthy energy balance in our body are located on our feet.

Callus Peel

Callus Peel is a unique and effective treatment for men and women to remove dead stubborn skin from your feet. Just choose to include it in one of your routine pedicure sessions at Body Silk Clinic at Hither Green in south-east London SE13. Click here for more information.

Prices start from £13. Please, contact our friendly team to get a quote according to your specific requirements or to book an appointment.

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