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Gift Ideas

Champagne Facial

This facial is probably one of our best-sellers as it combine a luxury touch of beautiful products and real Champagne. Upon arrival, you will be offered a glass of Champagne that you can take with you into the treatment room. The treatment will start with a relaxing back and shoulders massage to tune you into the main part of the treatment. The actual facial will include face cleansing toning, exfoliation, steam and extraction (if need be), extended face massage with a special ampoule containing OPC and red vine leaf extract serum. The ingredients in the ampoule get activated by the Champagne bubbles, so your therapist will have to add a bit of Champagne into the serum and mask mix before it will be massaged into your skin with a pair of special face brushes.
Champagne Facial delivers vitality and luxury for the skin through the Champagne-Extract, OPC and red vine leaf extract that are the exquisite actives of this treatment. Together, they develop a variety of positive effects, such as optimal cellular protection in the connective tissue, enhanced blood circulation in the capilliary vessles and improved nutrient supply counteract skin aging. The skin gains firmness, moisture and beauty. The treatment lasts 75 minutes and if you purchase two facials, you will get another one for FREE!
This is an ideal gift to your loved ones as well as a luxury pampering treatment that you deserve! Contact us to get one TODAY or simply get your gift voucher online today!
Caviar Facial
Do not be put off by the name if you are not a caviar fan! This treatment was named as caviar due to the properties that the products applied to you skin have. Caviar is a source of all biological substances needed for life. The cocktail of the ingredients is a real „life elixir" for your skin: mucopolysaccharides, algae extracts, an oyster shell extract, peptides and vitamins. Not only it is a pampering treatment that you can get for someone as a luxury present on a special occasion or just for yourself, but it is also a powerful boost for any skin.
If you purchase two Caviar Facials, you will get the third one for FREE. Please, contact us to get more information or to purchase a gift voucher for a Caviar Facial NOW!
Party Package
If you have an event coming up, this party package is the best combination of treatments that will leave you looking and feeling great. Be prepared to be complimented on your glowing skin, flawless nails and re-energized aura.
Start your treatment with a beauty flash session by LPG (non invasive facelift), followed by a mini facial, then a relaxing head and shoulder massage. To finish it off, choose the perfect nail colour for your manicure to complete your look. The treatment time is only 75 minutes which can be easily accomodated into your busy schedule towards the event.
Please, contact our friendly team NOW to book an appointment or to purchase a gift voucher!
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