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Dr Belter Bel-Energen Daydream Cleansing Foam

Gentle cleanser with anti-ageing properties for dull skin.
Daydream Cleansing Foam
ManufacturerDr Belter


The soft, ultra light, soap-free foam frees the skin effortlessly and gently from make-up and dirt particles. Even during the cleansing process the skin comes into contact with precious plant extracts, such as phyto-hormones and Champagne extract. The skin is left perfectly clean, slightly toned and refreshed.

- mild soap-free cleansing foam
- 150 ml foamer bottle retail size

- phyto-hormones from Iris (Orris Root), Champagne extract, mild plant-derived surfactants

- gentle, soap-free cleansing
- soft lightweight mousse 
- pleasant application
- particularly mild surfactants of plant origin
- pH 7,8 - …respects the skin’s acid barrier

- push foamer top twice, applying on damp hands
- softly distribute the foam using massaging motions
- rinse with plenty of fresh water.


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