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Monday, 20 October 2014 13:41

HL Pharma Cosmetics at Body Silk Clinic

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Holy Land Facial Treatments | Body Silk Clinic, London

Holy Land is being used all over the world by leading dermatologists, beauty therapists and medical professionals to give exceptional results. It treats all clients' needs, skin types and can solve pretty much any skin concern you may have. The HL product range has amazing properties and can be combined with other HL products lines to give better results and not just treat one problem but a combination of them. Active but natural ingredients give great benefits of a natural, healthy, balanced and youthful skin. Cosmeceuticals generally represent a fusion of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This combination is extremely effective to improve appearance of the skin by delivering nutrients necessary for a healthy, balanced and youthful skin, deeper and quicker into the cells without irritating them unlike many other products available. Regular use of the Holy Land products at home between HL Facial Sessions is extremely important to treat the skin successfully over time.

HL offers active cosmetic solution for all skin conditions: anti-ageing, hydration, rejuvenation, oily and acne prone skin, sun protection, hyper-pigmentation, dry and dehydrated skin, sensitive skin and rosacea. It is worth booking a consultation with a specialist to see how Holy Land facial treatments can boost your skin appearance or tackle a specific problem. If you decide to give it a go, please bear in mind that the price for your HL treatment course includes a home care kit of 4 products carefully chosen by our dedicated skin specialists according to individual skin requirements. This is because it is vital to use these products outside of your Holy Land treatment sessions in the clinic to achieve the best results.

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Recent Comments

  • Anna
    A single treatment for full legs outside of this promotion is £250. It takes between 1.5 to 2 hours to get both legs treated.
  • Inner Glo Inner Glo
    I wish i had that body up at the top, need to either start working out or get botox or something aha.
  • sushma sushma
    Hello, How much does a laser hair removal for full legs cost ? How long will the treatment last for each session?
  • Super User
    There are more and more men looking for solutions to enhance their appearance through wrinkle reduction treatments.

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