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Dr Belter Line-A Clarity Duo

Bestseller Duo stick: one side is to disinfect and stop impurities while the other is to conceal them.
Clarity Duo
ManufacturerDr Belter


DR.BELTER Line »A«Clarity Duo is an effective treatment for clearing and covering dermal impurities. It offers the possibility to treat skin with sporadic blemishes and otherwise undisturbed skin profile without great expenditure. The novel CDT-Complex* releases fresh Tea tree oil on the skin and simultaneously absorbs excess skin sebum. Inflammatory processes are consequently dried up, disinfected and soothed immediately.

practical duo for specific partial treatment and coverage of impurities
- 2 x 2ml container with sponge applicator
- content:
1) 2ml purifying concentrate
2) 2ml purifying cover

- *Cyclodextrine-Tea tree oil complex, Chlorhexidine digluconat (mild disinfectant), ethanol panthenol, bisabolol, allantoin

- acne blemished skin
- skin with sporadic impurities
- after the removal of comedones, in order to prevent inflammation

- anti-inflammatory, disinfectant
- calming, reduces redness
- dries out blemishes
- accelerates healing processes
- purifying
- sebostatic, matte finish
- anti-microbial
- astringent
- inhibits comedone formation

- apply purifying concentrate or purifying cover to clean skin and softly pat in

*The Cyclodextrine-Tea tree oil-Complex is a cyclic molecule which keeps Tea tree oil reversibly bound in its centre. This association protects the Tea tree oil from oxidative denaturation and preserves it in its fresh and skin compatible form. With skin contact, the molecule releases fresh Tea tree oil and the remaining cyclic fragment simultaneously absorbs excess skin sebum.


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