Auriderm XO Cream For Bruises, Auriga International By Body Silk Online Shop Rating: Not Rated Yet

Auriga Auriderm XO


Auriderm XO is a unique Vitamin K Oxide emulsion gel formulated to help bruises look better...

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Chiroxy Cream (50ml) Auriga International, Body Silk Online Store Rating: 5/5 

Auriga Chiroxy Cream

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Used before or after a cosmetic procedure, such as laser, chemical peels. Provides additional...

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Cernor XO CoverStick (5g) Rating: Not Rated Yet

Cernor XO CoverStick (5g)


INDICATIONS Lightening of eye bagsCamouflage of eye bags (makeup) PROPERTIES Cernor® CoverStick...

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Cernor XO Cream (10ml) Rating: Not Rated Yet

Cernor XO Cream (10ml)


      Indications Lightening of eye bags Rejuvenation of the eyes Properties Thanks to the...

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